Texas Chamber Symphony

Musician Spotlight

Sarah Husbands


"Learn to play for the love of the instrument and don't get frustrated by your own


Where it began...

Started playing at age 9 and by 16, i knew i wanted to play professionally!


The Church of Redeemer choir, my church where I was raised.

First Instrument...

Heinrich Heberlien violin - and i still have it!

Favorite Performance...

Mendelssohn piano trio in D minor.  I played it with amazing colleagues with whom I truly connected throughout rehearsals and

performances. The best location i have played at is Rice University, Stude Concert Hall. I played Meditation on a Theme from Thais by Mendelssohn with full orchestral accompaniment.

If you could be a fruit...

A banana because it is practical: easily transported, yummy, and the superfruit for long distance runners.